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Mission Viejo Truck Accident AttorneyOrange County is a large, densely populated area full of crowded streets. Every day, commercially owned and operated vehicles such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers navigate streets and highways while carrying large shipments of heavy goods. Unfortunately, conditions like these result in a lot of truck accidents and thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Our truck accident lawyer Mission Viejo sees cases like this too often.

A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh up to eighty thousand pounds. These huge machines are controlled by drivers who are often distracted or exhausted from trying to meet increasingly difficult delivery schedules. Even a minor collision with a large tractor trailer can be deadly for those in a smaller vehicle. Negligently operated tractor trailers are an extreme hazard on the road because accidents involving these colossal vehicles often lead to major injury or death.

Any time there is an accident involving a truck or a tractor-trailer that results in injury or death, it is important for the victim(s) to understand their rights. At Banner Attorneys, an Orange County truck accident lawyer will take on your case with the experience and expertise required to bring your case to the best resolution possible.

Some causes of tractor trailer accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Driver fatigue – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that driver fatigue is a factor in as many as 6,000 truck accidents each year.
  • Speeding – Truckers who exceed the speed limit are more likely to lose control of their vehicles, roll their vehicle or be unable to stop in time to avoid hitting another vehicle.
  • Distracted driving – Drivers who are on a cell phone, sending a text message, watching a video or using in-vehicle controls are as much as 4 to 23 times more likely to cause an accident. Any activity that causes a driver to look away from the road may significantly increase the chances of a devastating tractor trailer accident.
  • Unbalanced loads – When a tractor-trailer is improperly loaded or a driver fails to balance the load, this can increase the risk of an accident. Rollover accidents are especially common with improperly loaded trucks or when improperly secured freight shifts in transit.
  • Jackknife accidents – These types of accidents happen when the trailer slides out to the side of the tractor, potentially causing serious injury to motorists in the path of the jackknifing vehicle.
  • Mechanical failure or vehicle defects – Tractor trailers must be maintained according to guidelines set forth by the FMCSA.
  • Blind spots – Tractor trailers have large blind spots, and truck drivers need to account for them.
  • Poor driver training – There is a shortage of professional truck drivers in the United States, and this is causing some companies to employ drivers who lack sufficient experience to safely operate large tractor trailers.

At Banner Attorneys our tractor trailer accident attorneys are experts at representing people who have been injured or killed in a tractor-trailer accident.

It is imperative that you contact us right away after the accident so that we can begin assisting you right away and investigating the facts of the accident. The tractor-trailer companies are on the scene at a moment’s notice if there is such an incident and you should have legal representation immediately so that your case is not put a distinct disadvantage against an aggressive tractor trailer insurance company.

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